Oh dear...

well. I have been here at BYU-Idaho for only 15 days now, and going to school for 12, but It feels like I have lived here my whole life.

My mom and I drove here from Salt Lake and we moved me in on the 7th. I could tell it was scaring her, but I was scared too! Oh man, the butterflies in my stomach could have blown a house down the way they were fluttering in there. But that feeling slowly died as I saw my friends from home, one by one, and making new friends what felt like five by five! I can't even begin to talk about all the wonderful people I have met.

Hmm...well, classes are good. I love being in school again. Weird, I know. But I feel like I am actually accomplishing goals and being responsible for my life. You don't know how good that feels to me. To be responsible. ha. I had a problem with that in the past, but I feel like I have fully repented and been born again! A brand new Susannah.

Speaking of Susannahs, there is a girl just down the hall from me who's name is Susannah too! Spelled the same way! What kind of freakish vortex am I in? Another thing! No matter who you talk to, you will have some connection with them either through family, friends, mission fields, or hometowns. The world gets so much smaller when you go to a church school.

Oh! and church in school! YAY!!!!!! What a blessing it is to start every stinkin thing off with a prayer, and even a song in some classes! So even though I couldn't make time for the choir program here, I get to sing almost every day.

Don't tell my parents, but I am taking a Fashion Design class just for kicks and giggles. It was only one more credit, and my teacher is a spaz, so it's sooooo awesome. Even though 17 credits seem like a lot, I know my sister managed it, so I can too (actually, that is terrible reasoning because Allison was always a better student than me). Oh well, This whole experience is about the unknown. Like grocery shopping, you make a list, but you don't know what really needed until you get home and try to make something out of what you just bought. Katie, Chelsey, Amanda, and I have been having the best time cooking. Some of our greatest hits have been: 1. Chicken Pot Pie 2. Lauri's famous pasta 3. Mushroom Chicken 4. Breakfast for Dinner 5. Lasgna Cassarole. YUM.....I just had spinach cous cous and chicken for lunch. yum-o! (As Rachel Ray would say) And BTW, Yall can tell my parents about fashion design 101, I was only joking. Ahhh, college, what fun.