Year One.

It feels like my life starts now. My short life has been fraught with rites of passage, and now I am to embark of one of the very last. College bound to BYUI, I wait with baited breath for my life to begin. "oh you are going to LOVE college!", "High school? You are so gonna get over it.", "Don't worry honey! Someone is BOUND to date you!". All of these and more are flung my way as I slip in and out of nervousness and excitement. Both valid emotions, but both project falsified images in my head that almost persuade me to stay home bound so I won't be disappointed. I imagine a dating heaven, intriguing classes, warm sun, lovely roomates, and everything that one imagines of perfection at the college level. Then the next day, I imagine having no friends, professors that hate me, failing grades, and creepy RM's. It's all so confusing. So for now, I try to put it out of my mind and keep working. I need to squeeze as much money out of the summer as possible. Growing up has it's expenses. The sixth Harry Potter movie comes out at midnight on the fourteenth, so for now, I will go with my friends, dress up, and be a kid for as long as I can before Life catches up to me, and my life decides to start. For real this time.
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