Six Sexy Seniors

A break from endless summer work, boys, and drama was a welcome to gift to Jessi, Veronica, Taylor, Michelle, Katie, and I. A trip to Tahoe was in order. We drove up on a Sunday afternoon, entertaining ourselves in the car with the photo booth program on my new macbook....for three hours straight. Ha. That night we met up with Mikey, Russell, and Mark T. for dinner. We had planned on making a spaghetti dinner. Us girls soon realized that the responsibility of the main course ought to have been assigned to the females rather than our companions. Their preparation left us with a few culinary hiccups.

" right? yeah. Tomato paste should do it."
"Ummm. No. Spaghetti sauce is completely different. Liquified tomatoes on pasta doesn't seem very appetizing."
"Well...Not to worry! We brought spam!"

Although Spam Spaghetti will most definitely not make it into my college cookbook, I am afraid I will be cherishing the experience for a long time.
We watched the sun go down over the lake and walked along the pier. We met new friends while jumping off the jagged rocks at speedboat beach. We watched "Charly" and cried harder than we had for a long time, and laughed just as hard every moment in between. On our last day we got all dolled up and flew down the highway to a little meadow we had spotted earlier and took pictures. Our last summer is winding down and we know that we might not be all together like this for a long time, so we decided to capture the moment. Watch out world. we come.