Independence Day

July Fourth is the day of our country's independence. But what about my independence? My annoyingly early curfew is still in place, I ask my mom what is for dinner, and I depend on my father's affection for my living space. When is my independence day?
I have started shopping for college. Buying things always gives me a sense of responsibility and old-ish-ness. I have my own computer now. The world is at my fingertips. I ordered things online. I drive my car. I navigate the freeways with ease. But, I am not grown up. There is no up to grow to really. I guess we are all really growing forever. A tree never stops growing, unless it dies. There is always a lesson to learn, and in the scope of my existence, I am still an infant in my inexperience. Yes. I admit it. The one thing most teenagers cling to in their defense. "I'm not a child!" well, I am. No matter how far I move away from my family I will always be dependent. Nobody does anything worthwhile alone.