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Spanish Fork Family Photographer

Utah Family Photographer

As I anxiously await the birth of my first child my thoughts often turn motherhood. In three months time I will have my very own helpless little babe that depends soley on me for it's nourishment, care, and survival. People tell me I'll never really be ready for it, it's more of a learn as you go type thing. I, however, am a bit of a prepper, and decided a little photographic research would help me in my journey towards mama-dom.

This family session in Spanish Fork UT features Chris and her two little ones on May afternoon just before nap time. What did I learn about motherhood from this session? Perhaps that motherhood is a constant ebb and flow of laughter and tears with a few quiet moments sprinkled in between. And poop. And barf. (I didn't include any poop and barf in my images, but I learned nonetheless that they are a constant companion through the early years of mothering).

Color Images shot on a Pentax 645N with 75mm f2.8 FA lens. Black and white images shot on a Yashica Mat 124. Film used: Kodak Portra 400, Ilford HP5