San Francisco and Point Reyes Photography | Yashica Mat-124 | Kodak Ektar 100

555 Mission sculpture garden, San Francisco CA

555 Mission sculpture garden, San Francisco CA

My new baby, the Yashica Mat-124 has been such a joy to shoot. This trip back home to the Bay Area was my first opportunity to really carry it around and shoot on the daily. The waist level finder, the fiddly little knobs on the front to change exposure settings, all are part of this totally different way of shooting. Agh! And I LOOOOVE the 6x6 aspect ratio. Shooting square is so much fun!! If you are looking into shooting with a TLR (twin lens reflex), but can't afford a Rollei, I would definitely go for the Yashica Mat. I got mine on ebay for a killer deal. If you're addicted to e-bay as much as I am, you will eventually land the deal of all deal that you just can't stop talking about. This was that deal. It was seriously MINT (beside's the light meter not working, but those rarely do, and I use a Sekonic L-608 anyways), and I got it for less than $100. With good film, development, and subject matter, this camera can take some seriously gorgeous photographs.

My Mom and brother and I decided to explore Point Reyes one of the days I was in town, and I'm so glad we did. Much of the land included in the National Seashore are rolling green hills and farms. Black and white cows dot the landscape until you reach the rocky cliffs and long stretch of beach. It feels like a completely different world in a completely different time. We climbed some gnarly stairs down and back to the light house. The fog and gray sky didn't make for much of a view, but it was still worth the hike.

Down on the beach I found a sad little baby seal that had died recently. He seemed completely intact except for his eyes. I wondered how he died. Most likely it was not in the way most baby seals might meet their end (Orcas, sharks). I was captivated by him, and had to take his portrait. Thank you baby seal. I hope you are enjoying your after-life.

The color images are all shot on Kodak Ektar 100 (Shot at 400 ISO and pushed 2 stops in development) with the Yashica Mat-124. The black and white are Ilford HP5 +2. Developed and scanned by The Find Lab in Orem Utah.