Provo UT Film Photography | Pentax 645N | Kodak Ektar 100

girl with ice cream against a pink wall

Brittnie and I were at the Provo City Center Temple open house in March and it as the most gorgeous, warm, summery day you could possibly imagine. After seeing the inside of the new Provo temple, we were driving away when I mentioned I have always wanted to photograph someone against this light pink wall on University avenue. I happened to have my Pentax 645N with me and a roll of Kodak Ektar 100. Brittnie said, "Let's DO IT!!!!". Feeding off her enthusiasm, I decided we needed some ice cream as a prop, so we flipped the car around and went to Baskin Robins and got some pitifully small ice cream cones (because Baskin Robins in a RIP).

This was my first time shooting Kodak Ektar 100 and I am soooo pleased with the results. The vibrant colors really shine when exposed at box speed in bright sunlight. These images were scanned and developed by The FIND Lab in Orem Utah.

Thanks again Brittnie for being such a lovely human inside and out!