FIND in a BOX - Online Film Photography Workshop Review


Last week I purchased the online version of Jonathan Canlas' Film is Not Dead workshop called in FIND in a BOX. It's a PDF and video based download with everything you could ever want to know about shooting film in a digital age. I have been following Jonathan's work and purchasing his educational products since about 2011. They are so informative and so fun to read. I always wanted to attend one of his workshops, but I guess it was never in the cards. He stopped giving workshops early last year to spend more time with his family. Luckily, he spent the last year putting all the information he would give in one of his live workshops, into a digital format that anyone with an Internet connection can access.

The coolest part for me however is being a part of the exclusive workshop Facebook group. This group takes the place of the question and answer time that would be part of a live workshop. I get to personally ask Jonathan my questions just like a real workshop! He has been doing a great job answering questions in a timely manner and moderating the group like a pro. Monthly assignments and critiques are also an exciting and unique aspect of the group. 

or a full review of the workshop watch my YouTube review above. YouTube is totally foreign territory for me, so don't laugh, I tried my best... Actually, it's ok if you laugh, laughter is good for the soul.

A recent snap of my bro on the Pentax645N

A recent snap of my bro on the Pentax645N

Buy the workshop here!

Make sure to check out the free sample content on the FIND in a BOX website. You can watch Jonathan shoot a whole family session for free before you buy the whole workshop!