Fresno Wedding Photography | Millerton Lake and LDS Temple Wedding | Alex and Katie

Fresno California Wedding Photographer

So, this was my first time shooting a wedding in Fresno California, and I would go back in a heartbeat if every wedding was like Alex and Katie's. The ceremony took place in the Fresno LDS Temple with all their closest family and friends. Later we went to Millerton Lake at sunset and found not only the lake views as we had been expecting, but green hills and mossy knolls that rivaled even the prettiest patches in Ireland! Because I had never been to Fresno, I spent quite a bit of time on google earth looking for promising locations to shoot at near the reception location (this is how I found the lake), but when we stopped at this little green meadow, I knew I had won the location lottery!! 

Katie and Alex are so in love. My goodness. Alex took the utmost care to make sure his new bride wouldn't fall as they clambered up boulders and over fences. He held her hand every step of the way. Katie's lucky number is 23. When Alex proposed (on May 23rd) he had 23 boxes for her to open, each with a different photograph or memory of theirs. The very last box was at a gazebo in the park waiting for Katie and it was supposed to hold the ring, BUT Alex didn't want to just leave her engagement ring sitting in a park. He thought he could put the ring in it without her noticing and then pop the question, but he ended up just opening the empty box and said "This box will hold all the memories that are to come". Nice save Alex! Obviously she said "yes!" in a heartbeat!

The reception was held at the brand new Falls Event Center in Fresno. Highlights of the night included an awesome slideshow, a hilarious game of "sole-mates", and the bride and groom's surprise rap performance! With their bridal party as the back up, Alex and Katie rapped to their own version "Nightcap" by Can't Stop Won't Stop. The whole room was in stitches. They even had grandma throwin' up gang signs! That's when the party really started and the whole room was dancing! Thank you again Alex and Katie for the amazing night!