OBX Photography | Corolla North Carolina

Outer banks 4WD beach at sunrise

Another Labor Day in Corolla, NC. This time the entire DeAngelo clan was there. Hanging on the beach every day was amazing. This time I even found one of the Corolla wild Spanish mustangs while walking through the dunes. One morning (it was my birthday) Mikey woke me up early before sunrise, then blindfolded and kidnapped me. "Make sure to bring your camera!" he said. I brought my camera, but unfortunately didn't bring my tripod. I didn't know where we were going, so I didn't really think about it. His present (to give me a sunrise on the beach to photograph as much as I wanted), fell through a bit because there was no tripod. But not to worry, we got up early the next day and had a do over. It was a bit cloudier the next day, but I think I still got some fun images that embody a an Outer Banks sunrise.