Desert Island Bridal Shoot | Egin Lakes | Southeast Idaho Wedding Photographer

blonde bright blue eye bride portrait

At the base of the st. Anthony sand dunes are a collection of seasonal ponds known as Egin Lakes. A photographed out here frequently when I was in school and working on my BFA, but this shoot was my first time back in over a year. My model Alyssa was the BOMB. Early mornings were no problem for her, as well as getting her face covered in sand. 

I wanted this shoot to tell the story of a bride awaiting her love at a desert oasis. She has moments of indecision about running away with her lover. She waits all day, but still hasn't seen him come over the horizon. She begins to wonder if he was a mirage all along, a day dream of what can never be. 

backlit bride desert oasis non traditional wedding dress

This shoot was SUPER DIY. The dress was thrifted and so were the flowers. yes. Those flowers were weeds and lilies that I found growing by and irrigation ditch mixed with some recycled flowers from a shoot that took place two days earlier. This shoot was really just meant to be fun and to keep my creative juices flowing. 

Shot on both my Nikon d700 and Olympus OM1 with Kodak Portra 400

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black and white girl laying in the sand
bride in the water ripples lady of the lake