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Two star crossed lovers meet atop an old ruined dam at sunset to say their eternal vows...and eat some super good cupcakes! This little Rock n Roll Wedding shoot was so much fun to put together. A huge thank you to Edna and Sam, my awesome models as well as Bex, our fabulous hair and makeup pro.

We shot around sunset near the Teton Dam ruins. In the 1970's this earthen dam broke and completely flooded the Snake River Plain. Rexburg was one of the many communities that were badly effected by the flood. A lot of historical structures were completely lost to the millions of gallons of water that burst through the dam that day.

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Today all that is left is a couple of concrete structures and a spillway on the other side. I have always wanted to shoot a couple out here, and I'm so glad I finally did. Now, a fuchsia, bedazzled, long-short dress is not the typical bridal attire, which is why we picked this dress and RAN with it. Plus, Edna's hair matched it perfectly. Thank you Treasures Formal Bridal and Tux for letting us borrow it!

We had a rock n roll party from every decade. Some disco balls for a hint of the 70's and some classic leather jackets to channel our inner Fonzie. A little Coca Cola and candy from Runnin 4 Sweets and cupcakes from The Cocoa Bean made it super sweet. A word to brides, The more I put together these inspiration shoots, the more I realize how much a wedding can be an expression of creativity and personality. Don't make something a part of your wedding just because that's what everyone else does. Make it personal, make it you, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! :)


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