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This little girl is so spunky. I love her. She may look like an 8 year old, but when she opens her mouth she sounds like she is 18. She was very interested in my camera and equipment and often asked me why I was doing certain things. My 5 in 1 refelctor really had her baffled at first, but after explaining it's purpose and use, she agreed that it would be helpful with filling in the shadows. 

Clever and cute Kate is getting baptized this fall, so her mom asked me to take some portraits of her in her Baptism dress. We took them at their home in Danville, which just goes to show you don't have to travel very far to take some really lovely photographs. These are a few of my favorites.

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The shot below was the last shot of the session, Kate was pretty ready to be done when I said "WAIT, one more, right THERE".  She replied "Ok, only ONE more." I took extra care framing up the vertical lines and adjusting the exposure, because I knew I would not be getting a second chance with this one. Ha ha! CLICK.

"Perfect! That's a wrap!"

Kate: "FINALLY, now get me out of this dress!"


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