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Danville California Family Photographer

Trading Rexburg for California for 11 days wasn't a hard decision to make, especially knowing how many awesome folks from back home were in need of some new family portraits. I grew up in Danville California (East San Francisco Bay Area), and will always call this place home.

My first session of the trip was with Melissa and her crew. I have to say, Melissa is probably my biggest fan, and I am hers. I have been photographing her family for quite a while now and have loved every minute of it. 

Only true champions shoot family portraits at 7:15 am to get the best light. This family is made of champions. 

Danville CA Family Photographer

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Also, there is a picture of the dead baby bird that Savannah found. I couldn't resist taking the "bouquet shot" when she showed it to us. Kinda gross, but pretty funny. The kids gave it a good send off/funeral by setting it afloat on the lake.

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