Destination Wedding Photography Inspiration | Sunrise at The St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Sunset Beach wedding bride and groom

This shoot almost didn't happen... but then it did. 

It had been a crazy week for both Sam, Trevor, and myself. We had been trying for a couple weeks to get a shoot pulled together for them, and it seemed like the timing was never going to be right. However, there always seems to be that golden hour of sunrise when time just stands still, and most people are not so busy (except when they are busy sleeping...). We only had about a half hour or so of shooting, but that's all we needed. With a bride and groom this beautiful, and this in love, It didn't take long to make some really magical photographs. Ah, this session is what dreams are made of. :) Also, a major shout out to Taylor Smith for doing hair and makeup! You are a rock star!

Sunset destination wedding photography

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Romantic Destination Sand Dune Wedding