Modern Rexburg Portrait Photographer | Green Goddess Fashion shoot!


AHHHHH! I'm so in love with this shoot it ought to be illegal. It was a cloudy blustery day, but right at the edge of Rexburg heading towards Menan there was a little bit of sunlight that we raced to catch. Along with the help of some trusty speed lights we created some pretty stinkin' cool portraits. Oh yeah!


I totally didn't plan the green dress to match today's holiday, but alas, IT DOES! Hooray! I wanted to do green to somehow inspire the landscape to TURN GREEN.... at SOME POINT PLEASE?? Back home in Danville the hills are green like emeralds this time of year. In Rexburg, the only green you can find are pine trees and little green in the sage brush. I chose sage brush... BUT, I this shoot turned out great despite all that. Wide open spaces do tend to look pretty epic! :)

Model : Nicole Flores

Dress + Jewelry: Treasures Formal Bridal and Tux

Hairstyling: Ali Lamb

Makeup: Emily Ray 

Headband and shoes: Nicole Flores

Click on any of the photos below to see them all full size!