Pink on Pink Valentines Bridal shoot | Creative and Colorful Wedding Photography

Edgy Pink Hair Rock n Roll Bride Alternative Wedding


Sometimes everything just comes together. The 4 days leading up to this shoot were characterized by rain and sleet and fog, and just like that, the day we planned to shoot the heavens opened and poured a little sunshine through a light mist of clouds. I don't know what I did to deserve these blessings, but I am THANKFUL!

Our amazing hair and makeup artist Mariah Kimball did an incredible job with our model Payten. I mean that HAIR!? And the most amazing thing? Payten was blonde previous to this shoot. I asked her if maybe she would be interested in some pink highlights or something, and she went and dyed her hair full on PINK just more my shoot! Again.... BLESSED.

Both dresses, the veil, and the white hair flower are available for purchase at Treasures Formal Bridal and Tux on main street in Rexburg. 

I love this shoot with all my heart. The artistry of everyone involved just gives me the warm fuzzies everywhere. Hopefully some of you engaged ladies out there will take the leap and wear a pink wedding dress on your big day. If you are thinking about it.... CALL ME. PLEASE. Let's be friends. :)

until next time!