Happy Camper-versary! | Camping in American Fork Canyon

camping fail

Ok, just to be clear, this happened in August. I just had fallen off the face of the earth at the time and was not blogging. But I figured I should share just how funny this trip was. My husband and I had just returned from a very loooong summer selling pest control in southern california. (I should probably blog about that little episode later...) We had a couple weeks before school started and before our planned trip to the east coast to visit family, so we thought. "Hey, let's go camping for our anniversary". 

And no, this was not glamping. We weren't even in a campground. There was no wine and roses (not that I even drink wine). We didn't shower for 3 days. At least not intentionally. 

We spent the first day driving around American Fork Canyon and Mount Timpanogos looking for a nice dispersed camping spot (aka FREE). We decided on a secluded little clearing near a stream. We tried to ignore the creepy abandoned camp trailers down the path a little ways from us and just enjoy the solitude (I was having visions of dead bodies being inside them). Setting up camp was fun. Building a fire? Awesome. And then the rains came. 

I will never forget the night we spent in that little two man tent trying to sleep through a friggin TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. I actually slept for maybe 30 minutes only to wake up screaming because the thunder was so loud. Mikey woke up yelling "Whaaaat? What!". My eyes were peeled open for the rest of the night. I was counting the seconds between the lighting flashes and the rolling thunder. 

"MIKEEEEEY! it's only a mile away!!!! We're gonna DIIIIIIEEEE!"

You get the picture. Amazingly enough, our little tent was a champ and the rain fly did it's job. We stayed high and dry despite the mud puddle that had become our campsite. Our Kitchen tent/cover thing was totally blown over by the wind in the night, but we had no idea until we saw the wreckage in the morning. Mikey toiled for an hour trying to build a fire that morning. We had covered our wood with a tarp, but the air was heavy with moisture and we couldn't make a spark to save our life. So we hopped in the car and drove down to Midway Utah on the other side of the mountains for some lighter fluid and to just explore the area.

We watched the skies all day. Sunny with a hint of clouds, but as soon as night came so did the rain. We spent another night in rain, minus the thunder gratefully. The next day we went to the famous Timpanogos Caves. This was definitely the highlight for me. The hike up to the caves was steep, but seeing the formations in the caves was worth it. After going back to our campsite for lunch, we decided we smelled too bad and packed up camp.

As far as anniversaries go, it was pretty memorable. I wouldn't trade being married to my goofball husband for anything in the world, and I love that I can enjoy a camping trip as crazy as this one simply because he is right beside me.