Boise Engagement Session | Kathryn Albertson Park | Caitlin and Sam


A couple months ago I did an Instagram giveaway with IDoWed Magazine, and now I finally get to share the Boise engagement session that resulted! Here is Caitlin's entry:

"This guy here has been my best friend pretty much since the day we started hanging out freshman year of college five years ago! We can be pretty big goofballs when we are together and have had so many amazing adventures, including moving to a state neither of us had been to before! I know that together, the two of us can get through anything! I can't wait for the next chapter of our lives and the many more adventures we will have. It would make our wedding that much more special to receive the #deangelogiveaway for our engagement photos! 💍🎀😊"

When we met up at Kathryn Albertson park, I was slightly overwhelmed by the number of people in the park taking photos. It was probably the last Saturday of the season to see the fall colors which would explain the large number of family, engagement, and bridal sessions happening in the park, but still! I had never seen anything like it before. There had to have been at LEAST 35 photographers in the park. No exaggeration. Luckily the park had so many beautiful little nooks and crannies to explore, that everyone had a chance to create some lovely fall portraits.  

Caitlin and Sam are such a joy to be around. Whenever I asked Sam to kiss his gorgeous fiance he would oblige with such enthusiasm! And Caitlin has the most beautiful eyes. Seriously, your stunning Cait! This University of Oregon duck and Oregon State beaver have overcome their rivalry and fallen for each other, fully, completely, and head over heels. It's a little Romeo and Juliet isn't it? Without the whole dying part. I like this story much better. :)

Congratulations Caitlin and Sam!