Alpine Loop Engagement Session | Michelle and Brian | Provo Utah Photographer


Before the sun began rising over the Wasatch Front, Michelle, Brian, and I had already begun our winding journey past the Provo river, the Sundance Resort, and Aspen Grove. we had all been eagerly awaiting their engagement session for weeks, and had decided to get up at dawn to photograph in the early morning light. We are so glad we did too! Later that evening the clouds rolled in, and the fall colors would not have looked the same on a gray and cloudy day.

Michelle and Brian's love story is a saga that spans over five years. They became friends early in their college career. He left to serve a two year mission for the LDS church. Things weren't as they expected when he returned. Time passed, and they found their way to one another again, because some things are just plain meant to be. 

I have known Michelle for 18 years now, and I'm only 24 years old. We share the same birthday. We have been best friends ever since I can remember, and never in my life have I seen her so happy as I did this day with the love of her life. Brian worships and adores Michelle in the most remarkable way. He reminds her constantly of how precious, beautiful, and extraordinary she really is. I'm literally tearing up over here as I write this. WHEW. ANYWAYS.

Our drive through the canyons and mountains were filled with music and extreme silliness. Brian and Michelle share a humor that defies description. Really, I could try to explain, but I fear I would fail to express the hilarity that surrounds these two. They could be a TV show. I swear. Without further ado, two of my favorite humans in the universe, Michelle and Brian.