The Day Job | How to keep the dream alive!

A little selfie I sent to a friend on my first day working in the shop in early January. 

A little selfie I sent to a friend on my first day working in the shop in early January. 

Although I'm a super spy/photographer most of the time, I do have a mild mannered alter ego that works in a bridal shop on main street in Rexburg called Treasures. In the scheme of day jobs, it's the best one I have had thus far. Working at the Yogurt shack was fun, but fattening. Working for an alarm monitoring company was stressful (Saving lives is great, but what about when you make a mistake....EEEK!), and working in a women's health clinic copying files was a little T.M.I at times. Helping brides say yes to the dress is awesome, and super fulfilling except when....

They have haters in their bridal party.

Some girls have "friends" that are not very friendly. I wonder why nice young brides invite people that tear her down and tell her "you look ugly in that dress", especially when the bride obviously loves it. It takes every ounce of strength in my body to restrain the "OH NO YOU DI-INT!!!!" from spewing out of my mouth.

Some days it's slow and I look out the window waiting for people to walk into the shop. I shuffle the mannequins around and then go straighten some of the dresses all the while wishing I could try one on. Really. It's hard sometimes. There are days when no one has been in the shop all day, and I think "As soon as I put this dress on, someone is going to walk in". I'm convinced that the bridal shop gods would curse me if I dared try one on. So I put them on mannequins instead. Not as fun, but at least I can see what they look like off the rack. 

Day jobs are just that though. DAY JOBS. Keep doing what makes you happy under cover of darkness (if that's your jam), or just whenever you aren't working to put food on the table. Just remember that the day job is temporary. I believe that if you are passionate about something and you do it every day, the day job will melt away with time and patience. No one can do you like you can, so be yourself, be awesome, and keep working towards your dreams!

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