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Romantic Bohemian Wedding Bridal Flower Crown

OH MY GOODNESS! It feels SO great to shoot something so beautiful again! Seriously. My awesome model Mary was such a sport on this shoot. It was a sunny day yes, but oh was it cold. We were shooting on a lovely balcony at a brand new student housing complex in Rexburg called Windsor Manor (way beautiful, brand new, and a seriously awesome location for BYU-Idaho students btw), so we would brave the cold for about 5 minutes at a time and come back in to make sure Mary didn't get a serious case of frostbite. It an insane power of will to be out in that weather wearing only a thin lace wedding dress AND manage to pose so beautifully. KU-DOS.

And those flowers? The fabulous Amanda Lamb of Sassy Flowers created this lovely flower headpiece with only one days notice. 

As my fingers were cramping up in the cold and my nose was starting to drip (ew, but we can be real), I thought to myself "MAN! It feels good to be ALIVE!". It was a pretty short shoot, but it was one of the best things I had done for myself in a long time. I thought for a while maybe I was done with weddings, but I'm pretty sure I have loved them ever since my first one back in 2011. I love making brides (or more generally, people) feel beautiful and good about themselves. I guess for a spell, I forgot that I was beautiful, and you know what they say,

You have to love yourself before you can love others.

Portrait photography is one way I can love others AND myself. I can try to bring out the best in people and that always brings out the best parts of me.

I was lucky to have an awesome assistant/friend, Krisleigh, come with me. You can see Krisleigh's website here. She's an absolute doll, and super eager to learn about anything photography related. Check her out yo!

Until next time! :)