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A Premium Photography Experience 

For The Rest Of Us…


 - 60 minute Sessions

- Gorgeous Utah County Locations

- 40 4x6 inch image files

- A Photographer with 8 years of experience and a fine art degree

All for $99?



“Susannah was AMAZING.

I had high hopes for our engagement pictures, but she went above and beyond anything I could have dreamed of. We love our pictures SO much!” 

- Michelle Clayton


The Problem with the Photography Industry…

When booking photography services 

you typically have two options…


High End Boutique Sessions

x  More experienced Photographer

x  Longer Sessions

x  Beautiful locations

x  Includes beautifully edited files

x  Slow turnaround time

x  Costs half your annual salary + your first born child…


Cheap n’ Quick Studio Sessions

x  super short sessions

x  very limited number of files included

x  cheesy props and backgrounds

x  lack of creative posing

x  no relationship with your photographer

x  convenient booking


you don’t have to sacrifice 

style and artistry because of your budget.


LUX Studio was created

to be the best of both worlds…


$99 at LUX gets you…









4x6 inch (best for web and small prints)






(Earn 5 POINTS and get a session FREE!)


Prints Vs. Files

Is one option better than the other?

We don’t think so,

but at LUX, you can purchase what will work best for you.


High Res Files


  • You can print any size at any point in the future


  • It’s easy to put off printing your files

  • finding a high quality printing solution can be a headache

  • Putting together albums and photobooks is time and labor intensive


Prints + Albums


  • Fastest and simplest way to get your images printed in the sizes you want.

  • Premium quality products you can trust.

  • Album layout design included with any album purchase.


  • Difficult to create high quality copies in the future without the high res files.


Buy Prints + Albums if you…

  1. Want the no-hassle way to get your photos on your walls as soon as possible.

  2. Are obsessed with print quality.

  3. Lack the time or expertise to design your own photo book or album.

Buy High Res Files if you…

  1. Like to “Do It Yourself”,

  2. Want the ultimate flexibility for future printing


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are you able to offer such affordable sessions?

    • We schedule multiple shoots back to back in one location per day. We only offer shoots on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays at this time. This unique scheduling enables us to give a far lower session price without sacrificing session length, personalized service, or unique outdoor locations.

  • Won’t my session look just like all the other sessions shot on the same day?

    • Nope. Every session is completely unique. We focus our imagery on people and relationships, not on the background location. When it comes to portrait and lifestyle photography, backgrounds are meant to compliment the subject, not steal the show.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    • Our session fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you have to cancel your session, please notify us at least 48 hours before your appointed session and we can reschedule. A cancelled session can only be rescheduled one time.

  • What if the weather is terrible on our appointed session date?

    • We offer a no fuss weather rescheduling policy. If inclement weather forces a reschedule, we will do everything in our power to reschedule your session during the next seven days, guaranteed. Because we want to be out in bad weather just as much as you do…

  • How long will I have access to my proofing gallery?

    • Your proofing gallery will remain active for 6 months. You have 6 months from your session date to order prints, albums, and to download your files.

  • How large can I print my 4x6 low res/web size files?

    • The 4x6 sized files included with any session can be printed up to 4x6 inches without any loss in print quality. Enlarging past 4x6 will result in a pixelated print.

    • They look great online however, and can be used for banner images on websites, desktop backgrounds, and any social media site you can possibly think of.

  • What if I want to shoot for longer than an hour?

    • no problem! Just book two or more sessions back to back!

  • I usually feel so awkward in front of the camera… can you help me?

    • Susannah is a master of both traditional posing and “organic posing”. Instead of always having to stay still and hold a very specific pose, you will be guided through a series of actions that facilitate natural candids, making you and your family look your best without any effort on your part.

  • My Kids are always so cranky, will you be able to get good pictures of them?

    • As a mother herself, Susannah knows kids can be cranky. She comes prepared with treats and surprises for the little people and knows just how to create and capture fun candid situations when kids refuse to cooperate with a more traditional posed portrait.

  • Can we do a maternity shoot? Engagements? Senior portraits?Mommy and me? Bridals?

    • Absolutely. Your one hour session is yours for the defining. Just make sure you give us a heads up if you are wanting to incorporate any props or animals…

  • Can I get a discount for booking multiple sessions?

    • Heck YES you can! Every session you book earns you one point in our LUX Rewards Program. Every friend you refer who books a session of their own earns you one point as well! Earn 5 points and get a 1 hour session FREE

  • We don’t look like all those perfect families on facebook and instagram… should we even take professional photos?

    • We strive to get a good mix of traditional portraits and candid moments that describe your family’s dynamics as they really are. The point of your session isn’t to be something you’re not, but to capture your family as you are during this season of life. So come as you are and leave your self criticism at the door.

  • What types of poses can I expect from our family session?

    • For families with 10 people or less:*

    • At least 2 variations of the full group

    • Individual and couples headshots

    • Sibling shot

    • candids

    • requests as time permits

    • For families with 11 people or more:*

    • At Least 1 full group shot

    • Individual family shots

    • Individual family candids

    • Immediate sibling shot

    • All Grandchildren + Grandparents shot

    • requests as time permits

    • *These are general guidelines. We realize every family is different and may require individual adaptation


At Home Sessions

An intimate portrait of your everyday life…


“At Home” sessions are perfect for capturing gorgeous candids in and around your home. These sessions are very informal and laid back. Kids love them too!

If you want to have family pictures, without having to “take family pictures” At Home Sessions are definitely for you…

Same low price, but we come to you!


What People Are Saying:

If you want a photographer that is brilliant with artistic talent, Susannah is your gal! She is also very patient & kind with challenging children & then some how manages to get great photos of them.... Susannah exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Leanne Hudy Fife
We love these pictures! We feel like you captured what we wanted and are very happy with how everything turned out. Our family members have commented on how kind, professional, and talented you are. Thank you so much!
— Katie Church
Susannah’s photography skills are unprecedented. Her ability to capture beautiful lighting and pure, unscripted moments made her a MUST for our engagement shoot. She put us at ease immediately, making the whole process feel natural and FUN. My husband and I still talk about how much fun we had during our shoot, and it shows in our pictures!

I was blown away by Susannah’s professionalism. From start to finish, she made everything so EASY and straight forward. Not only that, but she was so sweet and genuinely showed an interest in our lives and our memories. I would recommend her (and do!) time and again!
— Michelle Clayton


About Susannah

Susannah DeAngelo is the wizard behind the curtain here at LUX. She has over 8 years of wedding and portrait photography experience as well as a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography. Susannah is the lead photographer on all LUX shoots at this time.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Susannah loves the ocean, hiking, camping, traveling, and can never say no to a warm cookie.

She lives with her husband and 2 year old son in Spanish Fork, UT